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The overlay phone necklace is the perfect companion for everyday life as well as for the very special moments in your life.

Don't worry about where your phone is, don't burrow in the depths of your bag for billions of years, don't panic and run back to the restaurant because you can't find it, just to realize it was in your hoodie all the time.

You wear the overlay phone necklace either relaxed crossbody or around your neck. Your cell phone is always at hand to directly capture the special moments in life - make a video when the little one takes its first steps, call your best friend when the long-awaited message finally arrives, check the cell phone while cycling to see if you are still on track and then just let it slip out of your hand - because overlay catches it.


Braided rope made of polypropylene multifilament fibers (PPM). Because of its light weight, it is buoyant, weatherproof and does not absorb water (0%). It neither swells nor shrinks, so that it is at your service as a loyal companion for every activity, even outdoors.

The silky and shiny surface feels very pleasant on the skin, but the rope remains dimensionally stable.

  • Made in Europe
  • Polypropylene multifilament fibers (PPM)
  • Non-toxic and safe for humans and animals (OEKO-TEX®)
  • Silky, shiny and smooth surface
  • Weather and dirt resistant
  • Diameter Ø = 6 mm
  • 16 strands
  • Lightweight
  • Pure rope length on the longest step about 74cm (29 inches)

The phone case is made of soft TPU - it is stable and flexible

Please note:

This product is assembled by hand. overlay does not guarantee the integrity of your smartphone. Scratches may be caused by the split rings or particles that get into the case. Due to the manual work it can happen that the rings are not 100% straight. We know that our products are loved by (small) children as well, but please be careful, as our product consists of small parts. Depending on the model or version, the illustrations may differ from the real product.

Please use with care and at your own risk.